Wellness & Fitness Articles

Below are some articles that we feel provide beneficial information for staying active for WORK, SPORT, LIFE.
Tips for Snow Shoveling
Tips to Prep for Winter Sports
PT Guide to Obesity
Warm Water Therapy and PT
Soreness vs Pain – What’s the difference?
30 Days to Running A 30-day guide to start and build up your running stamina.
Top 10 Summer Fitness for Families
Get Outdoors List 5 Ideas for getting fit outside
May Health Calendar Use this calendar as a daily step-by-step guide to healthier living.
12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work Use these ideas to enhance your healthy lifestyle or to get it started. Work is no excuse!
12 Weeks to Healthy Walking. Use this guide to help you get out walking for your health.
Tips to Avoid Spring Sports Injuries. Find the sore spots for Walking, Running, Tennis and Golf and how to avoid them.
The Plank, Is is really the world’s best abdominal exercise? How to do the plank correctly.
PTIS Bike Right, Bike Fit!, Information regarding the proper fit of your bicycle whether you are a serious bicyclist or recreational rider.
Posture Tips for Moms, Information regarding the proper posture when doing “mom” activities.
Exercises to Help Prevent ACL Injury, Information about how to strengthen your ACL.
Backpack Safety, How to wear your backpack correctly.
Golf Tips, Posture, Fitness and Flexibility