Patient Testimonials

  • Jordan Couchon is very talented.

    Terry H.

  • I am happy to review this team. I came to you on my friend Lenora’s recommendation after having had back surgery.  I haven’t had the need to use your  services since 2016.  (I was there before, during and after the last election, which comes to mind again this week. ) Jordan performed magic – – physically and mentally at that stressful time in 2016. All your staff are kind, caring and professional.  I will call upon you again if and when the need arises.

    Carol J.

  • Best physical therapy in Denver. From a recovering patient of multiple back surgeries.

    Jeremy W.

  • They do a great job assessing and working with the entire body. I went in for my hip, and found out that several other issues in my back and neck were increasing the pain and problems.

    Kristin A.

  • Love all the staff at PTIS, they are so helpful and really target in on my concerns at that time. I’ve referred many friends over the 30+ years that I’ve been going to them.

    Jennifer P.

  • I have been using PTIS for years, have seen several providers and they are all very professional and individualize my treatment. Bob is awesome, he can always find the connection between my pain and what is causing it.

    Kay G.

  • Mark is the BEST and can figure out even the most stubborn and weird issues. He will explain to you what he’s doing and why, and get to the root of the problem. These guys are awesome!

    Shannon P.

  • PTIS is an amazing therapy center! I’ve been going there for many years and always have a great experience. Whether it is for an old injury or therapy after a surgery, I know I will get results to keep me moving. Both locations provide expertise licensed Therapists who give you reassurance and exercises to use at home for your continued care.

    Ginny M.

  • Dry needling helped my knee

    Phil S.

  • I was scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery. That surgery is no longer needed following my appointments with Jordan. He is, to me, a miracle worker.

    Lila G.

  • The physical therapists have been very knowledgeable and helpful both before and after my neck surgery.

    David R.

  • Bev worked with me on several issues. Her knowledge base and experience is highly recommended.

    Sarah A.

  • Jordon and Nora really helped me during my recovery from hip replacement and gave me the right exercises to get me moving an keep me moving. I am very grateful to them.

    Margaret W.

  • Dr. Couchan at PTIS has been of great help with a back injury that developed a year ago. After visiting another PT and trying chiropractic with no success, I saw Dr. Couchan. He put together a plan of action, and was able to help through adjustments and giving me at home. My back is now pain free. Dr. Couchan is passionate about PT. I appreciate him and the other professionals at PTIS.


  • As we get older, every active individual could use a great Physical Therapist. I’ve been a patient/client at PTIS since just before my first hip replacement. I’ve been through two hip replacements with a quick recovery under Bev Parrot’s care. I’ve seen other therapists at PTIS as well and all are very good. They offer massage therapy and pilates for recovery also. I’ve used all services and would highly recommend PTIS!

    Jean P.

  • A friend told me about Jordan Couchon. She had been scheduled for shoulder surgery pre-covid and started seeing Jordan and doesn’t need sugery. I went to see him for my scoliosis. He’s so knowledgeable and caring. The simple exercises I’ve been doing have all but eliminated my pain. It feels like magic and I’m very grateful.

    Carol O.

  • Everyone is the office is fantastic! The therapy is awesome and makes all the difference in my daily life.

    Sherry M.

  • From getting scheduled quickly, to efficient and thorough evaluations, to effective treatments- every step of the way I’ve received excellent care at PTIS. I’ve gone several times to address nagging pain and orthopedic issues and have always left satisfied. I recommend them to everyone I know!

    Ruby B.

  • I cannot recommend Physical Therapy and Injury Specialists enough! I’ve been seeing Bob and Mark for over a year to help me recover from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a foot fracture, SI joint pain and TMJ. Their depth and breadth of knowledge and their genuine care for their patients are the reasons I am getting better. I’ve gone to other PT clinics where they’ve just given me exercises to do at home, but I get so much more support from PTIS. Bob and Mark spend each visit assessing how my body is moving, making adjustments and dry needling as needed, and increasing my range of motion and building back muscle through appropriate exercises. Furthermore, their entire staff is so friendly and welcoming. I really enjoy being a patient at PTIS!

    Sara D.

  • I went to PTIS with a lot of pain and limited mobility in my shoulder. Within a couple visits with Mark, he worked with me to “unstick” my shoulder and helped me get back to work and play without pain. 🙂
    Very knowledgeable, kind and gentle!

    Lindsay T.

  • I have seen Gail and Bob over the years for various things and they are both amazing! Highly recommend for all areas!

    Christina C.

  • I can’t say enough about everyone at PTIS! I have been seeing Mark and Jordan for a while now, and they have helped me recover from surgeries and little blips here and there, and I always leave feeling better. It’s always easy to make an appointment, and the staff and assistants are just wonderful!

    Maddie S.

  • Five stars every time!!! This is the best physical therapy practice I have ever visited. The therapists are SO knowledgeable and effective in treating what ails you. I appreciate the level of skill the PTs have and always leave feeling better!

    Kerry B.

  • This has always been a great place for me to come and get the best physical therapy in the world. The staff and the facilities are second to none. I would highly recommend this place to all of my friends and family and I have done that numerous of times.

    Sammie M.

  • I am happy to review this team. I came to you on my friend’s recommendation after having had back surgery. I haven’t had the need to use your services since 2016. (I was there before, during and after the last election, which comes to mind again this week. )
    Jordan performed magic – – physically and mentally at that stressful time in 2016.
    All your staff are kind, caring and professional. I will call upon you again if and when the need arises.
    BTW, don’t need the Starbucks, but thanks anyway! 😷

    Carol J.

  • The office staff are very pleasant and easy to make appointments with or even change the appointments
    They have accommodated me on 2 occasions with my appointment time in that I came at the wrong time., but they were able to fit me in because of cancellations.
    I am feeling better after each appointment and I can tell when the need for another treatment the day before I am scheduled.
    i am delighted to have found them, thanks to images downstairs. And, I am able to walk over to my appointments across Hampden

    Marilyn B.

  • Hands down this group is AMAZING and helped me through the years with more than a few issues but especially with a neck injury that impacted me for several years. Gail and Bev and the team here are amazing!

    Laurie Q.

  • Everyone at the clinic is awesome. Super friendly and so helpful. Mark is so easy to work with and helped me finally get the pain in my should gone. It’s been years and years since I could throw with no pain and finally its happened. Can’t thank him enough. Bob with the dry needles is awesome too. Holy cow, how I love those dry needles. Almost instant relief. You must try them.

    Damon H.

  • I never thought I would walk right again and Jordon figured out! My foot looks almost normal and I can walk without pain. I will be forever grateful for all the hard work and thought Jordon put into my case.

    Mary D.

  • I am a very long time customer. PTIS therapists have helped me resolve pain caused by 30 yrs of working at a computer, from poor walking habits that resulted from a DVT, etc. They are magical and I recommend them to everyone.


  • After my back surgery 6 years ago, I had constant lower back pain and I thought I would just have to live with some pain. The pain wasn’t nearly as severe as before the surgery so I was resigned to some pain. When I complained to my PT, Jordan Couchon, that I was unable to take deep breaths he figured out that I was twisting my body and tensing my muscles to protect my spine. Before my surgery that was okay but now it was twisting my body. After he had me doing strange exercises, I woke up 4 days later and was shocked to discover that not only could I take deep breaths but my back pain was TOTALLY gone!!

    Patricia W.

  • D Beck with Kelsy

    I fell on my knee in July 2019. I recently did a 2 mile walk with relatively little pain. I walk I had not been able to do for 5 months. Thanks Kelsy!

    D. Beck

  • Testimonial Bev and Beckie Mara

    I was in miserable with pain before coming to PTIS. On my first visit with Bev, she treated my SI and resolved the pain. I am ready to celebrate! My concern for more surgery has been relieved.

    Beckie M.

  • Testimonial bev and diane g

    I feel very confident with the care I am receiving at PTIS. I have a physical therapist that understands what I am experiencing. Bev is amazing and has made a huge difference. Wendy is wonderful too!

    Diane G.

  • Testimonial J AND SHEILA

    I came to PTIS for back and leg pain. I can now walk, exercise, garden and do other activities that were difficult before. Physical therapy can change your life. In fact, physical therapy can give you back your life.

    Sheila A.

  • Testimonial bev and connie p

    Arthritis was causing stiffness, pain, and limiting my activity. Bev is fabulous. She always addresses each individual discomfort and provides me with home exercises to remain pain free. I highly recommend Bev!

    Connie P.

  • Testimonial Joe and Jenn coker

    Pain prevented me from training for ultramarathons. I have been running ultramarathons for 10 years and running is what I do. Running with pain was super frustrating. Joe has been a miracle worker! Things don’t hurt and I’m running smoothly and pain-free. I’m feeling 100% more confident for my upcoming 100 mile race. Thank you Joe!

    Jenn C.

  • Testimonial josh and martha w

    I came to PTIS for a torn muscle in my right foot. Josh has been wonderful to work with and my flexibility has greatly improved. I can walk again with no pain. Thank you, thank you!

    Martha W.

  • Testimonial MEGAN h AND BEV

    I came to PTIS after a car accident that caused a concussion and whiplash injury. Starting a few days after my accident, and now almost a year later, Bev has been very encouraging, knowledgable, and compassionate in my journey. She has allowed me to get back to my work and personal life and she is determined to help me resolve my lingering symptoms. Her expertise is valuable and appreciated.

    Megan H.

  • j and cheryl

    I came to PTIS for a left knee cap injury. Getting in and out of the car was my biggest challenge. Physical therapy made a difference in my ability to perform my daily routine and I’m now on my way to recovery! Thanks to all who have helped me with my therapy.

    Cheryl N.


    I came to PTIS over a decade ago. Regular physical therapy is a must in order to maintain my quality of life since I cannot feel the left side of my body. I need consistency therapy and monitoring to keep me upright and moving. All of the staff at PTIS have been extraordinary. Currently, I am working with Jordan and Heather. They challenge me physically but with kindness and humor.

    Joyce U.

  • I came to PTIS for a multitude of reasons; especially the chronic musculoskeletal pain at my joints that was limiting a lot of my activity. I always just felt as if my pain was normal. With physical therapy, I have more movement, less pain, and can perform my job more effectively.

    Kara S.

  • bob & christian

    I have been a patient over 10 years. PTIS therapists are the best and they have helped me recover and get back on my feet after numerous injuries. Bob is a miracle worker but he also has a great sense of humor to pair with his extensive knowledge of the human body and how to fix it. I refer everyone I know to PTIS. All my friends who have come here have had great success too 🙂 .

    Christian H.

  • Bev is the best – I know because I am a PT! Because of the tremendous knowledge of biomechanics and manual therapy techniques Bev has, she’s been able to pinpoint my problems and address them effectively and completely as well as set me up with strategies to maintain these improvements. I have not only been able to run a 50K but also a 50 miler and 100 miler because of physical therapy.

    Catherine Z.

  • Brooke H and Bev

    My headaches and neck pain have been reduced considerably since have physical therapy. Bev is a miracle worker! Being a PT myself, Bev has an amazing approach and insight as to how the whole body is connected. She’s also a delight to talk to during treatment. I’d recommend PTIS to my family and friends.

    Brooke H.

  • Testimonial-#1-Bev-and-Ron-B-ptis

    I have known PTIS in excess of 20 years, and have referred numerous friends and family to their expertise. I always achieve favorable results.

    Ron B.

  • Since I started PT with Bev, I am able to use my left arm normally! I am not dizzy and my headaches are at a minimal. Also, my SI pain is gone! I love PTIS!! Bev is awesome 🙂

    Laura F.

  • My sciatica pain has affected my everyday life by in regards to mobility, walking and sleeping. Physical therapy has allowed me to return to normal activities.

    Bill H.

  • PTIS uses a very integrative approach and treats the interconnectivity of the whole body rather than working on the one area that is the source of pain. They also include exercises and needle therapy as needed. Jordan is phenomenal. He reads the problem and brings relief every time.

    Claudia A.

  • Testimonial-#5-Jordan-and-Barbara-B

    PTIS associates have dealt with my my ongoing and changing musculoskeletal problems in a variety of successful ways to maintain a good quality of life. I have always been impressed by the practical and very professional approach of all personnel of PTIS.

    Barbara B.

  • I’ve been going to PTIS for years and have always had amazing therapists. Each injury I get, they are able to help me heal and get back to my life. I love having a place to go to get such great treatment, professionalism, and great service. 

    Amy T.

  • I had been treated at various clinics prior to coming to PTIS. Not until PTIS did I find the knowledge and expertise of the physical therapist that I needed to fix my complex injury. Thank goodness for the experts and that I found them!

    Alex D.

  • dominque-testimonial

    My son plays hockey and started having breathing problems one week. As the breathing got worse and was causing pain, I took him to his pediatrician who took an x-ray and then determined that the pain “must be all in his head” and that he should see a psychiatrist. I left his office and went directly to PTIS. In less than 15 minutes they had adjusted his ribs so the pain was gone and the breathing was back to normal.  PTIS is a godsend!

    Tom C.

  • I have enjoyed working with all the different PTs at PTIS. Each one has a different view of looking at my issue.

    Kim O.

  • As I’ve gotten older, I am having a harder time getting out of bed and up from chairs. At PTIS I have been working with Nora on strengthening my leg muscles and reducing the reliance I have had on my arms to push myself up from sitting (something Nora pointed out). Nora has been great at explaining the exercises and has been “holding my feet to the fire” to do them and do them right.

    Randy P.

  • dale-c-dog-testimonial

    Every visit to PTIS with my guardian is a fun event. The staff treats me with respect and allows me to fulfill my service obligations to my guardian. They also have a soft carpet to rest on while wait.

    Dog G.

  • testimonial #6 sophia braces

    Gail helped my daughter with her jaw pain. I had thought it was due to an injury but immediately Gail determined it was due to my daughter’s braces. She fixed her up and my daughter has had no pain since.

    Andrea C.

  • I’ve been going to PTIS for years and have always had amazing therapists. Each injury I get, they are able to help me heal and get back to my life. I love having a place to go to get such great treatment, professionalism, and great service.

    Awesome Therapists

  • I have enjoyed working with all the different PTs at PTIS. Each one has a different view of looking at my issue.

    Great PTs

  • I have not worked with PTIS in years (moved to Indiana), however, I felt compelled to contact you to say thank you (as I’ve wanted to do since our first meeting;) In the years before I moved to Colorado, and now in the years since I moved back to Indiana (with access to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) I am baffled by the lack of quality Manual Therapists!!!

    Though my issues are that of an aging injury (twenty-seven years last month) and exacerbated by excessive over-use, PTIS therapists, beginning with you, were the only people in my life in a chair who actually alleviated the pain so that I would have MONTHS of relief.

    At times, I miss Colorado and the beautiful people I met there, so I hope you don’t mind me sending a THANK YOU for all your years of being like an angel to people like me!

    Thank you Beverly!