Jeff S.

March 2nd, 2021

★★★★★  Highly Recommend Jordan Couchon at PTIS! I have a severe lower back injury to my L5/S1 and chronic pain syndrome. I re-injured this area last summer, and when I asked my sports medicine and pain doctor for his personal recommendation for someone who matches my athletic spirit and determination to rebuild my core and back he sent me to Jordan. Over the course of two months Jordan rebuilt me. He didn’t focus on the spine and core though, he went to the root of the problem. He worked to correct my legs, hips and stance. My posture, upper back and shoulders. And ultimately, my core and back. He sought a long-term fix and I loved his view. Jordan is a great guy, always positive and upbeat. He doesn’t take things at the surface level, and he pushes you to achieve goals. I highly recommend him to anyone.