Amanda B.

January 28th, 2021

It is not an exaggeration to say PTIS changed my life. For two and a half years, I had been trying to diagnose and treat back pain that came in excruciating waves and severely impacted my quality of life. I had done PT, massage, acupuncture, chiro, x-rays and agreed to go back for physical therapy one more time. I had heard of PTIS from a friend, and scheduled an appt with Mark in July 2019. Over the next few weeks, there was pushing and pulling and poking and exercising, consults with other incredible PTs, and one day I woke up and felt… no pain. It will take a long time to undo the damage done in those years I was living in pain, but I know what causes it and how to manage it. I am so grateful for Mark, Bob, Jordan, Bev, and the rest of the team at PTIS who have treated me with such great care, and given me my life back.