Category: Massage Therapists


Nora Molloy

July 25th, 2019

Nora is our resident soft tissue expert. She can look at you and then poke her finger into the spot that is going to hurt the most. She is going to keep it there until you tell her all your secrets or the pain goes away, whichever comes first, or whenever she feels like stopping. Outside of work, Nora is an artist and works on garden projects. Check our website to find out more about Nora and see some of her artwork.


Wendy Hildreth

July 25th, 2019

Wendy will stretch, pull and push you for an amazing Thai massage, or just because you are standing next to her. Wendy is also the creator of Phit and is Phit’s first love. When Wendy is not working, she is hanging out with her large collection of squirrel paraphenalia. Peek at our website to find out more about Wendy and how she became our Squirrel Whisperer.