Sleeping with Shoulder Pain

March 16th, 2021

One question I get frequently is “How do I sleep more comfortably with shoulder pain?” I came home to my dog, Sydney, doing a perfect demonstration for me last night. 

Many of us sleep on our side and when our top arm falls across our body a painful or achy shoulder can feel worse. If you look at Sydney, she has a pillow propped in front of her chest and is draping her stiff left should over it. This keeps her shoulder and leg from crossing midline which helps unload her should and feels better. While she is more on her stomach in this photo (because, well, she is a dog after all) you can try this same thing lying on your side! Also notice how she did a good job supporting her head and neck and has a nice neutral spine. 

Even if your shoulder is hurting don’t forget how important a good comfortable pillow can be because of the relationship between your neck and shoulder muscles.  

Try it out 🙂 Mark Andersen-Nissen