Robert Letendre: My road to becoming a PT

bob youngBefore I became a physical therapist I actually knew very little about what a PT was.  I initially wanted to be a PT due to many of the sports injuries I had as a young athlete and having to go through a bit of rehab myself.  Even though it was my own injury history that started me down the road to becoming a PT, it was my exposure as a young student in the physical therapy program at Northeastern University in Boston that really enhanced my desire to learn more.  As I learned more about what I would be able to do as a physical therapist and the many areas that I could help people in, I become more and more excited to be in the profession I had chosen.

As my career took me down the path to outpatient orthopedics and more specifically manual physical therapy, I began to really appreciate how I could affect peoples lives and enable them to get more out of the physical activities we all love to do in life.  I love to help others, I love to see people be active, and I love to be involved in a persons well-being.  I love knowing that we don’t have to let physical limitations get the best of us and most of all I love sharing that with all my patients.

I like treating all kinds of problems in all areas of the body, but if I had to choose what I enjoy treating the most, it would be the athlete that has had injury or pain and keeping them “in the game”.  I will say though that I think we are all athletes in some aspect and we need not worry so much about our physical problems as long as we have a physical therapist in our lives!

On a more personal note, some people may not know that I (even though my jersey says otherwise) grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan in Red Sox country. I later “converted” to a hometown fan and even to this day love me my Red Sox!