Phit Phorum: Phit's Arizona Cousins Looking Sharp

Arizona residents Phifi, Phora, and Phate were coming home from a BBQ in a neighboring town when they took a wrong turn. When they realized they’d gone astray they tried to turn around, but ended up sliding the car into a ravine. This would be bad enough for anyone, but Phate was 84 and his passengers were both over 70 and none of them had any water. Luckily it was February, so temperatures weren’t going to get as high as they do during an Arizona summer. Unluckily, it also meant that average lows were going to hover just above freezing.
Phifi tried to get a phone signal before the battery died but to no avail. Then Phora fell over when she tried to get out of the car, hurting her hip. They decided to stick with the vehicle, as it would be easier for rescuers to spot. It didn’t take long for all of them to become thirsty though, so Phate went for the only available liquid—the car’s windshield fluid. The group was stuck there for three days. Drawing on their faith, Phate prayed to St. Phing, who is the patron saint of lost pickles.
After three days the car was found by a group of hikers. All three stranded pickles were in a surprisingly good condition, though each doubted they would last another night in the cold. All were lucky, given that windshield fluid contains methanol. After the event, one toxicologist said he would normally expect someone that drank windscreen wiper fluid to get sick and even go blind within a few days. Making sure to have some water in your car at all times might be a much better solution.