Morgan D'Arcy

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where were you born and raised, if not from Colorado what brought you her, do you have brothers, sisters, pets?

I was born and raised outside of Parker, CO. I spent my childhood roaming the woods, catching snakes, and jumping off of things I probably should not have been jumping off of. I’m a triplet, and I have one brother and one sister. My brother goes to Savannah School of Art and Design and my sister goes to Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. No, we are not identical, nor are we very similar. We are so different from each other that some people think we are lying to them when we tell them we are triplets. Right now I have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Leo and a cat named Finn.

2. What are your future plans for school?

I went to the University of Tulsa in OK for my undergraduate degree, and now I want to go to school for Physical Therapy! I apply in the fall so we will see where that goes.

3. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

When I’m not recovering from ACL surgery, I like to do Muay Thai and boxing. Last summer I started sailing, which is incredibly fun, especially in the little tiny sailboats. Other than that, I pretty much just hang out with friends and eat whatever food is within a 5-mile radius.

4. Where is your favorite place to vacation? What destination is on your bucket list?

The mountains are always my go-to place for vacation, but if I had to pick some cool exotic location then Croatia would be my choice. I traveled through there last summer and it was gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, and one day I’ll convince a friend (who isn’t afraid of deadly spiders, snakes, or sharks) to go with me.

5. If you wrote an autobiography what would the title be?

The title of my autobiography would be “Why the !#%@ Did She Just Do That: A collection of embarrassing short stories and unfortunate incidents

6. What is your one guilty pleasure that others may find strange?

A guilty pleasure of mine is Irish drinking songs. Cleaning the house is way more fun with them playing in the background.