Make Snow Sports Safe

If you are a skier/snowboard then chances are you may have done some damage to your body. We don’t like to admit that the slopes have conquered us, but often there are several common, lingering issues which can plague skiers/snowboards and make your non-slope life very uncomfortable.
Knee: Skiers/snowboards commonly do damage to their knees. Whether it’s something like a severe strain to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or something simple like an improper bend when while taking off equipment, the knees and ankles take a lot of abuse.
Shoulders: Another common skier/snowboarder injury is the shoulder. Breaking your fall with your arms stretched out? This can lead to injuries of shoulder, elbow, hand, or wrist. This type of injury is also known as a FOOSH injury. FOOSH is an acronym for “fall on an outstretched hand.”
Fractures: One more potential injury that skiers/snowboarders suffer is a fracture. The shoulder and lower leg are common areas where sprains and fractures may occur. Torsion fractures can occur from pulling out of your equipment wrong, shoulders can be dislocated, and rotator cuffs can tear.
Any injury, including winter injuries, can cause far worse damage down the road if left untreated. Take care of your body this winter on (and off) the slopes. If you have had a snow sport incident and you want to get checked out, a physical therapist is a great idea.