Jordan Couchon: My road to becoming a PT

jordan youngMy road to becoming a physical therapist started as a young child. I wanted to be a doctor, to work with, and to help people. Aside from creating my very own need for rehabilitation, my love of sports focused my interest toward physical therapy.  I graduated from a great Physical therapy doctoral program at Daemen College in Buffalo NY where my passion really began to grow, while surrounded by bright, enthusiastic professors. Following graduation, I decided to take the leap and move to beautiful CO. As a new grad, finding the job I wanted was not as easy as I thought it might be. Days before I accepted a neuro rehab job out past Loveland, Gail responded to a passionate email highlighting my love and enthusiasm for Manual physical therapy and the outpatient setting. Beverly and Gail decided to give me a shot. Now the real fun and growth began. Growth of knowledge, passion, love for what I was doing, and personal growth as well. Bev and Gail identified with my hunger for knowledge and mentored me at every opportunity. Now, here I am, supremely confident in my abilities, more hungry than ever to learn and continue to grow, and more passionate than ever about what our profession brings to the lives of the people we interact with daily. In summary, my love for physical therapy has evolved in a steep and steady incline. I’ve been truly blessed to practice at PTIS alongside Beverly and Gail, who have fueled my desire to be great. This is a reflection of why Gail was awarded the 2015 Katlenborn “Teach as I Must” award, given by the AAOMPT to celebrate the hunger and passion she instills across the country