Jenn Berry: My Road to Diploma of Manipulative Therapy (Dip MT)

What is a Diploma of Manipulative Therapy?

Diploma of Manipulative Therapy (Dip. MT) is a certification demonstrating mastery in orthopedic manipulative therapy. It is an intensive training program with a comprehensive oral exam and written case reports. It requires advanced clinical reasoning, advanced theoretical knowledge and advanced technical skills. Only a very small percentage of physical therapists achieve this elite status.

Jenn Berry & Lateral Knee Pain in Runners

Jean’s thesis was Clinical Reasoning and Treatment of Three Sources of Lateral Knee Pain in Runners

More details: Lateral knee pain in runners commonly originates from the iliotibial band.  This paper looked at 3 different runners who presented with lateral knee pain and examined the process of identifying the painful anatomical structure.  Using the concepts from the fellowship program, each patient was further examined to identify the specific mechanical or neurological dysfunction that lead to the pain.  And through use the manual therapy treatment techniques learned in the fellowship program, each patient was successfully treated and returned to running without pain.

Jean’s thoughts about the Dip. MT process:

“My experience in the fellowship has caused me to constantly challenge my thinking in order to more effectively evaluate and treat my patients.  I have been inspired to constantly question my understanding and challenge myself to be a better physical therapist.”