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Functional Fitness Program

Do you want to go on vacation and not be worried about being able to get your luggage in the overhead compartment? Do you want to be able to get in and out of a cab without help? Do you want to go shopping without help? Do you want to climb stairs? Whatever your personal goals are for functioning well in your life, a Functional Fitness program can help.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS is a type of exercise program that shifts the focus to endurance, balance, core strength, and joint flexibility; not losing weight and packing on muscles. Functional fitness mimics the activities of daily life. For instance, lifting grocery bags out of the car requires forearm strength and balance. Putting those groceries away on high kitchen shelves could require shoulder flexibility and calf muscle stability.

In real life you don’t do an activity that singularly involves the bicep.  Functional fitness is focused on multi-joint activity. With grocery shopping, you rotate your body, put the strap over your shoulder, and twist to put the bags in the car.

As people age, there is wear and tear on the body: muscle mass and bone strength can be decreased, and changes in balance can occur. Functional Fitness focuses on keeping seniors independent as long as possible. Frequent exercise can also help relieve arthritis pain, reduce the risk of falling and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

After surgery or prolonged illness, changes in function can also occur at any age. Exercise programs designed to meet a specific functional goal are more likely to be performed and overall satisfaction with personal health is improved.

OUR THERAPISTS can evaluate you by imitating your everyday activities in the clinic. After an evaluation, your areas of weakness are identified, and a custom exercise program is developed for you to address these areas.

Exercise can help you capture the vim, vigor and vitality of your youth, or get you back to your previous activity level. You can absolutely do the things you did when you were younger if you continue fitness practices and a Functional Fitness program is a great place to start.