Dee Tidwell

Dee Tidwell is a PTIS partner, an exercise specialist and muscle therapist with a training studio in the Denver Tech Center just east of I-25 on Orchard Rd.

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What is your fitness philosophy?

Specificity. I believe that each client is like a snowflake; each is similar, but individually unique. I use extensive physical screening combined with a detailed client questionnaire to determine the correct fitness path to go down. It’s this approach that accelerates improved movement and performance for the de-conditioned person all the way to the professional athlete.

What got you into helping others with fitness?

Experiencing dramatic change in my body while training hard in college. In fact I was so intrigued that I changed my major from Communications to Exercise Physiology! I also saw how trainers/coaches could so positively impact someone’s life forever. There’s no better feeling knowing I’ve helped someone create a “fitness as a lifestyle” change, or helping a client get out of pain and get them back to doing what they love to do, except better. That’s where my joy lives!

Have you always been into fitness?

Yes! I was one of those 13 year old boys doing the old school Charles Atlas workouts. It genuinely helped me develop into the athlete that I am and I feel blessed to have been able to excel at most any sport I’ve participated in. In fact, today at 48, I still compete at a high level as an enduro mountain bike racer.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when training?

Oh gosh, don’t get me started! I’d say mostly, a lack of emphasis on perfect form, over-training, doing “work out of the days,” performing lifts or exercise moves they haven’t “earned” the right to perform, and using magazines or the internet to get a workout routine.

What are your top 3 tips fitness tips?

ONE: Use a trainer/coach. When you plug in a destination in your GPS you still have to do the “work” by driving, but if you follow the directions you get exactly where you want to go. It’s the same with a trainer/coach, they provide you with how to achieve your goals and all you have to do is follow the plan!

TWO: Commit – it’s a process. The goal is to create the “lifestyle” which not only affects you, but hopefully generations to come. Like with the other important factors in life like, mental and spiritual health, you’ll get to share the importance of health and wellness with your kids. You become the starter or continuer of an attitude of family generational health!

THREE: Eat organic food and drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. Besides fitness, eating right is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your health, fight off disease, and create a life full of energy and vitality!

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It is difficult to put into words the gratitude that my family and I have for the progress in health, diligence and healing that you have helped me accomplish this past year. We have gone from a state of chronic pain, progressing slowly, as you have said, with the emergency brake on, to a place where the pain is gone and we have released the clutch and hit the gas! It is truly the greatest of gifts in life to regain mobility, athleticism, and a renewed spirit that is not drug down by a constant nagging joint pain masked by pain killers. And to think, when I first met you, all I cared about was just “golf” fitness. I quickly came to understand that it was truly all about life fitness, healthier eating, dedication and tackling arthritis/old injuries with a tough “use it or lose it” attitude (which you cheerfully reminded me of each time you increased my reps and program!!)

It truly has taken a village and a determined willingness to not give up that has generated such a remarkable transformation for me. I am so fortunate to have had so many skilled coaches and specialized clinicians (many of whom you referred me to) like Jenn (Berry) at Physical Therapy and Injury Specialists come together to help me monitor and mend at a pace developed just for me.  And as for the golf game, it has improved. The ball now flies further and more accurately than before as I relearn a new swing plane with the renewed upper body rotation I now have. This is a nice problem to have, but the overall benefits I have achieved this past year, encompass golf, and so much more.

Thanks Dee. Couldn’t have done this without you!

Deb Sleigh

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