CAMPING FITNESS is the New Thing

Campers today are much more active than they used to be. Camping fitness plays an integral part in the adventure for a lot of people. It is not uncommon to see folks doing an early morning jog or just a brisk walk around the campground. Even though camping is a time to relax for some, exercise camping exercise is a good way to burn off some serious calories. Here are some ideas for Camping Fitness:
Walking – There is nothing better than an early morning walk around the campground or on a short trail to get the outdoor juices flowing. Morning may be your quiet time and a casual walk with the dog or kids is a great camping fitness idea. You are not limited to the morning. An evening walk to burn off that great camping food (e.g. s’mores) is another way to exercise and enjoy the sights and sounds of a campground.
Biking – A quick loop around the area is a camping fitness solution. You do not have to be a hardened mountain biker to reap the benefits of some exercise on a bike. This is a family-friendly camping fitness activity that is a very popular option.
Swimming – If you are lucky or smart enough when planning your camping trip you will have a swimming option available. Plenty of campgrounds offer swimming pools or even beach swimming. Swimming is a great idea because it leaves less strain on the body than other types of exercise.
Mountain Biking – Hitting the trails on a mountain bike is an example of camping fitness that is on the rise. With more mountain bike trails available than ever before you can easily plan a camping fitness trip. If you are fortunate to have hilly terrain all the better to get a good workout.
Hiking – This is one of the most popular activities while camping. It is easily attainable and most campgrounds offer numerous trail options for some camping fitness. It is without a doubt a family friendly activity too.
Running –With trail running becoming more popular and easier to achieve it is obviously one of the best ways to exercise while camping.
Family Fun –Something as simple as throwing a football, baseball or even playing cornhole can be an easy way to get in some camping exercise. There is a vast amount of adventures you can do with the kids that will force you to be more active than normal.
Splitting Wood – You may not be cutting much but every lit bit of exercise helps.
Camping – Camping itself is a workout. Most things are harder to do, like cooking. Packing the car, unloading the car, putting up the tent, and all the reverse activities are still exercise! Even if you just want to chill in a comfortable chair with a book, it is next to impossible to avoid exercise (the mere fact of going to the bathroom station down the road or digging your own “toilet” means you are exercising).
Have fun!!!