Bobby Bemis: My Road to Diploma of Manipulative Therapy (Dip MT)

What is a Diploma of Manipulative Therapy?

Diploma of Manipulative Therapy (Dip. MT) is a certification demonstrating mastery in orthopedic manipulative therapy. It is an intensive training program with a comprehensive oral exam and written case reports. It requires advanced clinical reasoning, advanced theoretical knowledge and advanced technical skills. Only a very small percentage of physical therapists achieve this elite status.

Bobby Bemis & Plantar Fasciitis

Bobby’s thesis was Plantar Fasciitis: Treating the Cause While Acknowledging the SymptomsThe paper focused on a deeper understanding of plantar fasciitis through the understanding of anatomy, physiology and clinical reasoning. 

More details: Bobby looked at current research as well as the material that we have been studying in our fellowship program. He went beyond the evaluation and treatment of the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis and looked more closely at the root cause of plantar fasciitis in three different patients. These three patients presented with very similar symptoms that are traditionally associated with plantar fasciitis. Each of these patients had dramatically different reasons for developing plantar fasciitis and required three different plans of care in order to resolve their pain and dysfunction.

Bobby’s thoughts about the Dip. MT process:

“This kind of training and dedication to patients and their dysfunction is what makes PTIS such a special and successful clinic. Each and every one of our therapists are trained to go above and beyond to find the root cause of our patients’ complaints and dysfunction. This program has allowed me to develop into a well rounded physical therapist that functions like a detective trying to find out “who did it” as opposed to just treating a patient’s symptoms.”