Betty Pickle and Baby Dill

Betty Pickle is a 35-year-old woman who recently had her first child. Betty has always been active and thought that her pregnancy would be easy because she was so fit. The first trimester was great! Betty felt wonderful and had that beautiful vinegar glow about her. But then things changed for the worse. Betty’s second trimester was difficult. She started to have weird cravings for popcorn and root beer. She even had a nightmare about wanting to eat a pickle…AAAHHHH! She had trouble sleeping for weeks after that nightmare. Betty’s third trimester was the worst though. Her low back hurt and she had pain even up by her ribs, and sometimes her tailbone ached. Her legs were swollen, her ankles were swollen, and her feet were swollen. Her cousin, Phit, convinced her to see a physical therapist.

Betty’s physical therapist did some manual therapy to loosen the joints and soft tissue in her low back, pelvis and rib cage. The physical therapist also explained the best ways to sit and sleep while pregnant. What a difference a PT session made for her back pain. ON the second visit, her PT said she could benefit from regular Pilates sessions, to help strengthen her stabilizers and help with fluid retention in her legs. Betty had always loved Pilates but had given it up when she got pregnant. She was ready to do anything if it meant feeling better. After her first Pilates session, Betty already felt better. The stretching helped a lot, as well as learning how to use her pelvic floor and abdominal muscles better. Betty wished she had never stopped doing her Pilates in the first place.

As Betty got closer to her due date, she was getting anxious about becoming a mother. She was having trouble sleeping and her swelling was still lingering. Her physical therapist suggested she treat herself to a pre-natal massage session. Betty thought she had never heard of such a great idea. She scheduled a massage for the next day. The night after her massage, Betty slept better than she had in weeks. She decided that a massage was not a “treat” but a necessity. Who knew how much she would be able to sleep after the baby was born. She was going to get as much as she could prior to giving birth.

The big day came and Baby Dill was born. He was a strapping 3 oz and 3 inches long. Wow! No wonder Betty had trouble during pregnancy!

Even though Betty was a new mom and nervous about every decision regarding Dill, she was confident in her decision in continuing regular physical therapy, Pilates and massages. She realized she would be a better mom if she was healthy and phit.