9 Questions for Mark Andersen-Nissen

1. Where are you originally from – Where did you grow up, brothers, sisters, married, pets?

I was born in Vermont, but when I was very young, my family moved to Paris, France where we would stay for 6 years. There, I learned to speak and write in French and found my love for travel. We returned to Vermont where I completed grade school and high school. I have an older sister who completed her IB while we were in Paris. She went on to complete her Ph.D. and now blends her passion for the sciences and travel by living in Cape Town with her husband and two children where she currently heads an HIV research laboratory. I currently live in Denver with my girlfriend who is a 3rd-year medical student, and our ever-energetic golden-doodle, Gilbert.

2. What brought you to Colorado?

Growing up in Vermont, I loved to ski and snowboard, and Colorado seemed to be the natural choice with its perfect blend of city life and the big outdoors. I first came to Denver where I would complete my undergraduate education at DU. Now, more than 10 years later, I have yet to leave this great state!

3. Where did you graduate PT School?

I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus.

4. What is your specialty or Favorite condition to treat?

I first found physical therapy through running, and to this day I really enjoy treating runners and applying my knowledge of bio-mechanics to help analyze running form in order to maximize a runner’s potential while working hard to mitigate injury risk. On the seemingly opposite end of the spectrum, I also really enjoy working with patients to treat and overcome back pain!

5. What are some of your future goals?

In the PT world, I aspire to complete further education to first become a certified manual therapist and then to complete a fellowship. I also want to further my knowledge of gait and rehabilitation and use this knowledge base to become involved in injury-prevention research (for runners and non-runners alike!).
In my personal life, I hope to continue my travels and to someday set foot on all of the continents. I also want to try my hand at completing an ultra-marathon.

6. What are some of your hobbies

I love music. I’ve played the guitar my whole life and really enjoy jamming with fellow musicians (of all musical background!), playing open-mics, and learning about the art of recording and producing music. I also enjoy photography and just generally getting outdoors – whether to walk, hike, or run!

7. Tell us about speaking French?

When my family lived abroad I attended French public school and learned to read and write (in cursive, nonetheless) both French and English. I later returned to Paris to study abroad for a year at the Sciences Po University where I would further my political science education with classes all taught in French. Since then, I have sadly completely lost any ability to spell or write in French, but I can still speak it fluently.

8. Favorite quote or most influential person

My greatest influence comes from my late father who always believed in me and challenged me to find and pursue my true passions in life, even when it uprooting my established foundation, changing careers, and years of post-bac classes and graduate school.

9. What is the story with laundry?

My week at PTIS I was either unbelievably helpful or completely oblivious when it came to lending a hand around the clinic – I’ll choose to blissfully believe the former because I do remember at one point folding a lot of laundry with Josh … albeit certain people may have needed to gently remind me to stop taking in the newness of the clinic and pitch in!