8 Questions for Joe McCaleb

1. Where are you originally from – Where did you grow up, brothers, sisters, married, pets? I grew up all over the United States, I have a sister and not married. Have a dog butterscotch who is my hiking buddy and recently lost my cat Daisy a month ago.
2. What brought you to Colorado? I wanted a change after graduating from PT school in 2005. Colorado seemed to be a nice place.
3. Where did you graduate PT School? Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX
4. What is your specialty or favorite condition to treat? Hard call….systemic dysfunction associated with shoulder and cervical dysfunction; lumbosacral dysfunction in ballet dancers and runners.
5. What are some of your future goals? To get a certification in Dance Rehab and to get a certification in Wound care
4. What are some of your hobbies? Driving my Dodge Challenger SRT all over the country, hiking with my dog, and learning more each day about physical therapy
5. Have you ever taken a Ballet class? Kind of…I work with ballet dancers and know many of the moves and try them with my patients.
6. What is your favorite quote? WOW…..um….so very many….
One I love is Fate whispers, “you cannot weather the storm”, The warrior whispers, “I am the storm”
7. What is your favorite color of KT Tape? Blue
8. What is your secret Super Power? ……It’s a secret….I can’t tell you!