2012 PT Resolutions

Resolutions of the PTIS Physical Therapists
Instead of news of the clinic this month, we are sharing the 2012 resolutions of our physical therapists. Feel free to ask them about their resolution and hold them accountable.
“Get knee surgery and get walking. Good thing I know of a good physical therapy clinic.”
Gail Molloy
“To improve my communication.”
Beverly Parrott
“To be happier and healthier.”
John Fainsan
“To drink more water.”
Janet Incitti
“To learn one new workout program and be consistent with it for 6 weeks.”
Robert Letendre
“To eat a green vegetable every day.”
Kari Ell
“I will cut my candy/sweets out of my diet.”
Sheri Morrow
“To take the advice I give to my patients and apply it to myself and my life. This means taking better care of myself in terms of eating well, stretching, improving my mechanics.”
Jordan Couchon