Jaw pain

Gail helped my daughter with her jaw pain. I had thought it was due to an injury but immediately Gail determined it was due to my daughter’s braces. She fixed her up and my daughter has had no pain since.

Thank you Beverly!

I have not worked with PTIS in years (moved to Indiana), however, I felt compelled to contact you to say thank you (as I’ve wanted to do since our first meeting;) In the years before I moved to Colorado, and now in the years since I moved back to Indiana (with access to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) I am baffled by the lack of quality Manual Therapists!!!

Though my issues are that of an aging injury (twenty-seven years last month) and exacerbated by excessive over-use, PTIS therapists, beginning with you, were the only people in my life in a chair who actually alleviated the pain so that I would have MONTHS of relief.

At times, I miss Colorado and the beautiful people I met there, so I hope you don’t mind me sending a THANK YOU for all your years of being like an angel to people like me!

Great PTs

I have enjoyed working with all the different PTs at PTIS. Each one has a different view of looking at my issue.

Awesome therapists

I’ve been going to PTIS for years and have always had amazing therapists. Each injury I get, they are able to help me heal and get back to my life. I love having a place to go to get such great treatment, professionalism, and great service.

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