Hearts of Hope Donation Items

PTIS Presents “Hearts of Hope”

Donating to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

Suggested donation items are as follows:

Candy: lollipops, hard candy, tootsie rolls, mini candy bars

Sugar –Free candies and treats

100% Fruit snacks

100% Fruit cups

Tuna and Cracker Packs

Crackers: Cheese-it’s, gold fish, wheat thins, etc

Nuts: assorted

Dried fruit

Granola Bars / Energy bars

Cookies: store bought or homemade

Oatmeal or Other Whole Grain Hot Cereals

Coffee, Tea, Cider Packets, or Cocoa Packets

100% Bottled Juice

Individual size sodas

Individual size bottled water

Individual size bottled gatorade


Lotion: small individual bottles or large


Small blankets

Neck pillows


Crossword puzzles

Suduko puzzles

Reading books of various genres

Small board games (2-4 people)


Thank you!  Your generous heart touches those in need!

PTIS is accepting donations until Friday, February 24st 2011.

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